Do 9GAG Take Soul???

In middle of December 2011, I saw a post by my friend in my Facebook news feed. A sarcast and funny post from a website. I clicked that website link curiously while I hope this website isnt trap website that stole Facebook username & password.

It appear, the It looks like a blog, there are post and post in a page (now i know 9 in 9gag because there are 9 posts in a page). And then i saw there are so many satire, sarcast, funny, streotype, joke, experience blaablaa post there.

Suddenly i saw “unsafe” post that if we wanna see its we must login. I clicked Login Button, there is option to login with Facebook account. I allowed that curiously hahaha. Tadaaaa wow a semi xxx post. Mmm my brain is still in my up head not in my  buttom head hahaha.

Then i move  from Hot tab to Trending Tab. Again there are so many. OMG, this site dont stole my facebook password. It did  something that more scary than that. IT TAKE STOLE DRAG THE SOUL. I cant stop my finger to not click “older” button hahaha

There are satire sarcast post 140% Russia, American Fat and “not clever”, smart Asian.

How 9gagger army (9gag reader) like to use internet meme, how they love Dragon Ball, Lord of The Ring, Harry Potter, Cat, indestructiable Nokia 3310, Chuck Norris The God blabla.

How they hate Justin Bieber, twilight blabla..

Maybe tag is just for fun. But sometimes there are debate, argument in post comment. Yea that is democracy freedom of speech.

But the most important is be careful with this website. IT TAKE STOLE DRAG THE SOUL TO ITS DATABASE. 9gag maybe isnt only website that provide something “opium drug” post. There are 4chan, reddit etc. But up to you, you can choose hahaha. DONT GIVE YOUR SOUL TO INTERNET LOL. 


Btw is my president a 9gagger army? look at his sms online number “9949” close enough rite?

Or 9gag was inspired with that??

Just Kidding Mr President LOL….


Mispelled? Wrong Grammar? Come Dude, I’m not native english user :p


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