Gmail Motion? April Mop dari Google?

Sebelumnya buka dulu

saya paste in:
How it works Gmail Motion uses your computer’s
built-in webcam and Google’s
patented spatial tracking
technology to detect your
movements and translate them
into meaningful characters and commands. Movements are
designed to be simple and intuitive
for people of all skill levels. Motion Guide Familiarize yourself with some of
the basic functionality of Gmail
Motion using this printable guide of sample gestures. With it, you’ll be
able to start writing and
responding to emails – with your body – in no time. Safety precautions Using Gmail Motion is not only safe
but also healthy and fun. As with
any physical activity, certain
precautions are recommended.
First, make sure to clear the area
around you. Second, try to take short breaks every 30-40 minutes,
just as you would if you were
typing. And finally, take time to
stretch after each session to give
the muscles you’ll be using some

Hahaha jujur saya setengah percaya dengan fitur google ini. Saya mikirnya ini malah kerjaannya April Mop Google.

Coba lihat contoh gerakannya, kira kira terinspirasi dari mana? Naruto Ninjitsu? Naruto Seal? Naruto Taijitsu Atau malah jangan-jangan klan bender terbaru dari Kartun Avatar The Last Air Bender: E-mail Bender?
Btw gerakan gmail motion bisa jadi gerakan inspirasi SKJ Senam Kesegaran Jasmani haha
Makanya google bilang bisa menyehatkan dan menyenangkan. 😀

Ada yang mau ke Pulau Belitong?? Pulau yang terkenal dengan Laskar Pelangi dan Keindahan Pantainya..

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