How to edit web page before screenshot/printscreen

Sometimes we need to make  our friends socialnetwork page printscreen/screenshoot. But before we screenshot itsmay be we need to “edit” that pages LoL. But How to edit web page before screenshot its?

I use Google Chrome. For edit a web page u need to install extension Webpage Screenshot. You can get its from After u install its, it will put a icon “camera” at your chrome toolbar.

To use this extension, u can click that camera icon. Then will be three option: screenshot only webpage that u can see in your monitor screen, screenshot all of that webpage even u cant see its in your monitor screen and Beta: edit Content.

For edit a webpage before u screenshot its, u can click option Beta: Edit Content. Then will appear windows “you can edit this page”. Click Ok. Now u can edit that web page or may be u want to be “naughty” by edit and printscreen your friends socialnetwork page. 😀

Selamat mencoba. Selamat mengedit halaman page facebook twitter atau apalah hehe. Setelah diedit nakal-nakal dikit, skrinsut, dan “pamerkan”. Saksikan kehebohannya :p

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