Make Simple Alarm Subvi for Labview Programming

This is a simple alarm subvi for labview programming. This subvi will play a file music *.wav and active blinking alarm lamp when “reach a bolean condition (bolean is true)

Simple Alarm Subvi Front Panel

Simple Alarm Subvi Block Diagram

You can download this subvi from

I will explain this block diagram/front panel:

  • Bolean Button -Alarm ON/OFF-: this is for active/non-active “alarm function”. It means even bolean condition is true, this subvi won’t play sound or active alarm if t (False).
  • Syarat/Bolean Condition: when u call this subvi from a *.vi, in that *.vi u can set a if condition or whatever that will result a bolean condition.
  • Alarm Tone Path: Path file for Alarm sound file. Sound file is *.wav
  • Alarm Lamp: Lamp for alarm indicator.


Subvi Simple Alarm is symbolized with Icon Big Red Dot. Bolean condition in this vi is when sample acquired is bigger than 150 then subvi Alarm sound will ring dan Alarm lamp will blink. If u wanna deactivated this alarm you can click “Alarm ON/OFF” toggle in front panel. Dont forget to browse alarm sound file through “Alam Tone Path”.

For making alarm lamp blinking: Right Click Alarm Lamp in Block Diagram >> Create > Property Node > Blinking. Right Click at “blinking” > Change to Write. Then wire its input to Sub vi Simple Alarm output.

Oke.. Any Question?

Postingan ini menceritakan menbuat subvi Alarm sederhana di Labview.

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