Resensi: Mangastream has released newest Naruto Chapter 529

This chapter tell about how choji, ino, darui and shikamaru work together to beat kinkaku.

4th Raikage have idea to seal kyubi-kinkaku in amber purifiying pot. One of five treasure that succesful was steal back from kinkaku-ginkaku.
For use this pot, pot user must record target voice with this stuff. Then the pot will seal the target by its self. So to help Darui as pot user, trio shoji, ino and shikamaru use the special skill. First shoji kicks kyubi-kinkaku with “meat tank”. Then shikamaru uses “mimic shadow” to “tie” the monster while ino uses “the mind switch” to control the monster to speak “yes”. After the pot records the monster voice, it seals the kyubi-kinkaku immediately. Done! Two greatest criminal legend seal in their weapon.
One quote from Darui what he talk to Kinkaku before him enter the pot: “Silver and gold may shine more brightly than a copper and are more valuable because of it. But if you gather enough copper together, it’s worth just as much as that one gold coin. You acted like you were solid gold. But I guess it was all a front. That’s why we won. Sorry we had to strip off that gold plating”

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